Carlin Manufacturing

Driven by a passion for perfection

All mobile and temporary kitchens are manufactured for us by our sister company, Carlin Manufacturing who originated the commercial mobile kitchen concept over twenty-five years ago. Today Carlin Manufacturing continues to lead the industry in the design, engineering and manufacturing of state-of-the-art, high volume modular and mobile commercial kitchens.


Carlin Manufacturing has over 600 mobile kitchens in service around the world, producing millions of meals. We are proud of our client list ranging from the most popular fast food brands to the most elegant catered affairs; from the thousands of victims of natural disasters to professionals fighting forest fires; from search and rescue crews working in remote terrains to movie crews providing foodservice for film shoots. The applications for a custom-engineered Carlin modular or mobile kitchen are virtually endless.

In addition to our industry leading mobile kitchens, Carlin Manufacturing offers purpose-built, clear span, modular foodservice facilities. These building and health code compliant complexes provide a comfortable and extremely functional environment for high volume and specialized kitchen requirements. Our modular facilities expand to include walk-in freezers and coolers, office space, restrooms and other amenities, to meet all project needs and specifications.