Cal State University – Long Beach

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CSULB is the second largest campus of the 23 schools in the California State University system and one the the largest in the state of California by enrollment. When Parkside College Dining Hall, one of the main underclassmen dining halls, was scheduled for a short renovation, KTG arrived with a cook module, wash module, cold storage, restroom and an 84′ x 60′ open span modular dining and servery area.  Midway through the four month term, the University began to weigh the idea of leaving the facility in place until next year when a second similar renovation was targeted to take place in the same vicinity.  Upon the realization that they would be saving close to $250,000 by leaving the complex in place rather than dismantling and re-installing next year, the decision was made to extend the original lease from four to fourteen months. The facility, which serves up to 1,200 per day and 800 – 900 for Sunday Brunch, will be available between the two renovations for campus meeting and special events.

The solution

Cal State Long Beach Complex Plan (05-JUNE-13)  L13-007 D4-R4 1

Cal State Long Beach Complex Plan (05-JUNE-13)  L13-007 D4-R4 2