Containerized Kitchens

Containerized kitchens are high cube 20’ x 8’ and 40’ x 8’ units with high volume production capacity. Containerized kitchens may operate stand alone or multiple units may be connected to create a commercial kitchen complex. Containerized kitchens allow easy integration with free span structures that can provide additional prep, dining, and serving areas.

Containerized Kitchen Solutions Applications

Containerized kitchens are ideal for special events, hospitality, disaster situations, military needs and work camps, multiple ISO containers can be placed adjacent to each other to create a commercial kitchen complex that can be shipped and “lifted” into place anywhere in the world. Containerized units are designed to operate in extreme environments while maintaining a comfortable, efficient, and high capacity work environment inside.

Plug and Cook Kitchen (PAC) ® – Single Containerized Unit

A special type of the containerized kitchen is the Plug and Cook Kitchen (PAC) ®. The PAC® is a single containerized unit which can be delivered and operational quickly. The PAC® includes hydraulic powered legs that facilitate the unloading of the unit from the delivery truck flatbed. View all available PAC units


  • Heavy production capacity
  • Customizable equipment list
  • Ground level profile
  • Integrates easily with event tents
  • Fire Suppression system
  • Available for lease or purchase
  • Optional PAC SAC enclosure available

Download our PAC Kitchen Overview

Frequently Asked Questions about Containerized Kitchens

  • How many people can a standalone containerized kitchen serve?
    • Depends on the equipment selection, menu and staff but with 24’ – 36’ hoods for the equipment line, it is quite powerful.
  • How many containers can be placed together?
    • There is just about no limit to how many containers can be assembled together. In addition to setting side by side, containers can be stacked for multi-storey applications.
  • How quickly can a containerized complex (multiple units) be set up and operational?
    • Depending on the size of the complex, anywhere from 5-10 days is needed for installation.
  • Are the containers fully furnished with kitchen equipment and is there any flexibility in the type of equipment?
    • For either a lease or purchase, clients may request the equipment to be used in the kitchen in order to produce their menu. They may also provide their own equipment, whether from their existing kitchen or purchasing it new themselves.
  • How do the containerized connect with each other?
    • Containers are bolted together and all mate lines are sealed with weatherproof roofing material.
  • How is a containerized solution different than a modular solution?
    • Containers are built from recycled shipping containers.

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