Disaster Response

In the event of a natural disaster or a national emergency, Kitchens To Go has the resources to provide high volume mobile kitchens and related facilities to first responders throughout the country.

Levels of Participation

In order to mobilize quickly and efficiently, we have programs providing levels of partnership to fulfill your mass feeding mission. Kitchens To Go offers three Levels of Partnership that will streamline the process of getting your organization in full operation in the shortest amount of time.

Partnership Level One

Level One registers your contact information and provides KTG with all of the required data that is necessary to mobilize equipment. Information such as your company structure, financial and insurance information, point of contact and geographic areas of operation will assist in this process. Level One registration does not guarantee the availability of equipment, but allows more rapid processing of information during a disaster or in time of need. A 24-hour telephone phone number will be supplied to all pre-registered participants.

Partnership Level Two

Level Two requires the information of Level One with the additional financial commitment of an annual stand-by fee that guarantees the delivery of a mobile kitchen within 72 hours of notice anywhere in the continental United States. Level Two fulfills the requirement of an in-place contingency plan and gives you the ability to make commitments on behalf of your organization to plan an appropriate response to the threat of actual disaster or national emergency.

Partnership Level Three

Level Three is a full partnership in which your organization and Kitchens To Go co-own specific pieces of equipment that KTG maintains and manages on your behalf when not required for emergency operations. We understand that Level Three requires a substantial investment, but for major corporations, utility companies, transportation companies and governmental agencies, there can be no greater assurance of your ability to provide for the feeding of your people in the event of an incident of national significance. Level Three guarantees that your equipment is delivered and fully operational within 24 to 36 hours to specified sites.

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