Permanent Modular Construction

While Kitchens To Go supports many interim (temporary) projects, Kitchens To Go also supports clients with permanent commercial kitchens. From quick-service (QSR) to hospitality, Kitchens To Go builds permanent foodservice facilities through Permanent Modular Construction (PMC) as a solution to new construction projects.

What is PMC?

Permanent Modular Construction happens in a quality-controlled factory rather than on-site. This innovative approach helps with speed to market as the construction time is lessened. Buildings are constructed in weeks not months inside an environmentally -controlled factory. Site preparation occurs simultaneously with minimal construction hazards and maximum safety and security. Then, the pre-built modular units are assembled on site in a short period of time.

Advantage of PMC

The key advantage of Permanent Modular Construction is the ability to become operational in less time, which can save money and lessen headaches. PMC enables clients to achieve speed to market and begin realizing a return on their investment sooner than “site-built” construction, generating revenue ahead of schedule.

Codes and Materials

Permanent Modular Construction, while happening in a controlled environment, is designed and built to meet your local building and health department codes. The buildings are constructed using high-quality construction materials.

Impending Construction Projects

If you are in the discovery phase for how to grow and build, Kitchens To Go can help you determine if Permanent Modular Construction is an option. Whether quick-service, fast-casual, or general hospitality, Kitchens To Go can help design and build your operation to help you achieve speed to market.

Contact Kitchens To Go today with questions regarding your impending new foodservice facility.