Special Events

Let KTG begin planning for your special event

KTG has extensive experience with all of the mobile kitchen needs for smaller or large scale special events. No matter what the size of your event, KTG has the experience and equipment to create the perfect mobile kitchen preparation and dining environment.

Our experienced event specialists bring years of experience and know-how to each project, making sure that your mobile kitchen solution adds to the overall success of your special event. KTG provides only state-of-the-art, well-maintained equipment. From the most simple and basic kitchen needs, all the way to grand scale elaborate tents and temporary structures, KTG has an inventory that will match your special event.

Decor, lighting, seating and more, KTG can help to accommodate any number of participants, so you can focus on your event success while KTG focuses on giving you the best temporary kitchen solution possible.

Contact KTG today to begin planning for your special event!