Interim Kitchen & Dining Facilities


State-of-the-Art Kitchen & Dining Facilities


Kitchens To Go and Sprung Structures provide innovative, state-of-the-art solutions for foodservice operations undergoing renovation. The engineered tensioned membrane structures built by Sprung combined with comprehensive, code-compliant modular facilities from Kitchens To Go keep foodservice operations up and running. These are not temporary catering tents; rather, they are top-quality, high-volume commercial kitchen/dining venues. In fact, these completely equipped structures are so durable they can be used permanently if desired.

The strategic partnership and operational synergies between Kitchens To Go and Sprung make the entire process simple. Because the equipment and structures can be leased, there are no “extra assets” to be disposed after the renovation project.

The unique Kitchens To Go-Sprung partnership offers a complete, turnkey solution to keep foodservice operations running at top performance, even during renovation.