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Modular Convenience Store for British Petroleum (BP) in Paradise, CA.
Learn the details on KTG’s project supplying a modular convenience store for BP in support of the recovery efforts in Paradise, California, following the 2018 Camp Fires.
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Kitchens To Go is excited to introduce PopMarts, a turnkey foodservice solution to assist with challenges such as physical distancing requirements, de-densification efforts, speed of grab and go service, and frictionless retail experience.
PopMarts are containerized units that can be placed in strategic locations to create outposts which can pull customers away from more dense locations, capture additional foot traffic, or reinforce underserved areas.
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Businesses and organizations from Education to Hospitality, Corrections and Healthcare, trust KTG to help maintain business continuity.

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EDUCATION / Emory University

HOSPITALITY / Peninsula Hotel

HEALTHCARE / Banner Thunderbird

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