New Construction

When foodservice facilities are considering new construction, Kitchens To Go strategizes with you to either build the new foodservice facility or provide an interim foodservice facility during the construction phase. Kitchens To Go’s architectural and engineering team will partner with you to determine the best route for the new construction project.

Existing Facility

If there is an existing facility that can remain operational until the new facility is built, then there may not be a need for an interim foodservice facility. But if operations may be affected and disrupted due to the construction project, then an interim facility may be a necessary part of the project to ensure business continuity.

New Facility

Kitchens To Go can serve as a partner in the design and build no matter the size and scope of the new foodservice facility. When building new facilities, Kitchens To Go is the leader in  Permanent Modular Construction (PMC page link) as an alternative to site built construction.

Questions to consider for new construction:

  • How many people will you serve daily?
  • What is the desired occupancy of your new facility?
    • Servery
    • Dining
  • What is the desired timing for your new facility to be operational?
  • Are there any unique requirements with your new facility?
  • Site layout, restraints and topography.
  • Are utilities readily available?
  • State and local building code and health code requirements.
  • Ancillary spaces needed (dining, servery, rest rooms, offices, cold, dry and frozen storage.

Contact Kitchens To Go today with questions regarding your impending new foodservice facility.