Disaster Response
& Recovery

When ill-timed, unplanned disasters strike, foodservice facilities must have a plan to continue operations without delay. An emergency or unplanned situation is not a matter of if, but when. Whether a natural disaster, national emergency, or isolated event such as a kitchen fire, Kitchens To Go has the resources to provide high-volume kitchens and related facilities that support recovery efforts.

operational considerations

When it comes to disaster response and recovery, Kitchens To Go has provided solutions to help with floods, fires, power outages, and more. These situations have followed natural disasters such as tornadoes and hurricanes or been the unfortunate circumstance after a fire or other unplanned event. With an impending disaster, Kitchens To Go has also worked with clients to have units prepped and ready for deployment should such a disaster strike. Kitchens To Go helps foodservice teams plan and prepare in the presence of advance warning, and helps strategize following situations with no warning.

dependability when you need it

When it comes to disaster response and recovery, timing, experience, and dependability count to help you continue to feed the people you serve. Kitchens To Go has worked with organizations such as the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army following a variety of disasters to help keep people fed. In the wake of a disaster, commercial foodservice operations do not have the luxury of waiting four to eight months that is usually required to gain permit approvals, design, and build a new kitchen on site. Often is the case, first responders are facing a battle against the clock to feed people who may be trapped, stranded, or in need of ongoing hospitality.

customized for every occasion

Kitchens To Go is committed to being a part of your first-response team and helping with your emergency needs. We offer specialized mobile kitchen units and equipment, multiple nationwide locations, as well as one of the best support systems in the country. KTG knows that when it comes to emergency response, punctuality is of the highest priority. That is why KTG executes a solution which works within the time frame allotted for an effective emergency response. KTG provides different solutions depending on need, duration of use, and location.
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