product excellence

Whether you need a kitchen on an interim basis or a mobile kitchen for a special event, we offer a wide array of products to meet your needs. All our products are built by Carlin Manufacturing, so you can rest easy knowing they are built to the highest quality standards. In addition, we have an excellent team with extensive experience planning and implementing interim and mobile kitchen solutions.
timeframe & unit modification

Short-Term to Permanent Options

No matter the duration, KTG can provide flexible foodservice solutions that fit your desired timeframe.

short-term / temporary

Leases are perfect for temporary interim cooking facilities in projects such as renovations, disaster relief and recovery, or special events.

Rent to own

Depending on the size and length of your project, the best approach to mobile, modular or containerized solutions can often be through a Lease to Purchase agreement. Contact us to see how this might benefit your specific project.

long-term / permanent

Due to their flexibility and quality, KTG foodservice facilities can easily become a permanent part of your operation. Purchasing a KTG solution such as a Bolt-On or Permanent Modular Construction is often the best option for operational expansion.

customization options

From the initial on-site consultation, KTG will customize a solution that fits your goals and Keeps You Cooking!
cooking equipment
Keep your chefs cooking
Whether selecting a unit from our fleet or building a unique solution, the cookline can be customized to meet your menu requirements.Options include either KTG providing equipment from our large inventory or client supplied equipment, whether standard or proprietary.
from graphics to cladding
Want to make your solution stand out or fit in? From customized graphic wraps and specific colors to unique cladding and exterior finishes, your brand, aesthetics, and style can be represented on any food service solution.
surfaces to spaces
Whether it be floor surfaces, walls, or ceilings, we can meet your requirements. With window walls and lighting, we can brighten your dining and servery environment. Need to add POS Systems, IT, or Security? We can provide conduit for your team’s use to keep you connected.
service style
walk-up, dine-in, or delivery
We can provide mobile, modular, and containerized solutions for any type of service. Whether windows for walk-up, markets for Grab & Go, on-site dining complete with tables and chairs, or off-site kitchens for delivery, we can accommodate your style of foodservice.
ancillary additions
beyond the kitchen
Any space needed to compliment your foodservice operation can be customized within our solutions. From offices and restrooms to locker rooms and cart wash units to cold, dry and frozen storage anything to support your operation is possible.
dining options
serveries & seating
KTG provides choices for open-span dining, both modular and Sprung Stressed Membrane Structures. Both accommodate serving lines and a wide range of seating and serving options. With windows, high ceilings, and lighting options, both create unique, pleasant spaces. Whether your facility requires a food court, trayline, or self service, we can create a solution to meet your needs.
product types

Mobile Solutions

Our team of trained professionals takes you step-by-step through the integration of your mobile kitchen from planning through completion. We will help you establish size, energy source, HVAC, refrigeration, and dishwashing. Mobile units are available for lease or purchase and can serve everything from your one-time special event to daily on-going operations.

Modular Solutions

Whether interim or permanent, modular kitchens provide maximum flexibility with relocatable features. Highly configurable, modular units offer open space for both verbal and visual communication and are a cost-effective solution to maximize space for cooking, preparation, service, and storage. Modular kitchens can serve short to long-term needs including permanent options with Bolt-On® Kitchens.

Containerized Solutions

Containers are high cube 40’ x 8’ units with high volume production capacity. Ideal for special events and disaster situations, they can be shipped across the world and operate in extreme environments while maintaining a comfortable and efficient work environment. Connect multiple units to create commercial kitchen complexes. The PAC® Kitchen unit can be placed and operational quickly.