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Kitchens To Go’s mobile kitchens offer universities, restaurants, franchises, and foodservice providers a wide array of capacities, features, and equipment. Kitchens To Go owns a fleet of mobile kitchens available for lease on short-term or temporary projects. Additionally, Kitchens To Go can build customized mobile kitchens for purchase. Whether mobile kitchens for sale or rental, mobile kitchens can be self-contained with on-board power generator, gas, and water supply, or able to connect to shore power and utilities.

Mobile units are available for lease or purchase, and can serve everything from your one-time special event to daily on-going operations.


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Mobile kitchens are ideal for both planned and unplanned situations. Whether a renovation project, expanded capacity need, or a natural disaster, temporary Mobile kitchens keep you cooking and can help keep you in business.

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Kitchens To Go has helped foodservice operators across all industries for nearly 40 years. Let’s start a conversation to see how we can leverage our experience to help Keep You Cooking! Please fill out the Project Inquiry Form below and a friendly, knowledgeable representative will be in touch to further discuss your needs in greater detail.


At Kitchens To Go we have worked with the best of the best and our work speaks for itself. Here are some examples of some of the great work we’ve done.
A food truck is built on a drivable chassis. A mobile kitchen can be either drivable or a trailer that is towed. Depending on the size and weight, mobile kitchen trailers can be towed with vehicles ranging from a 1-ton pickup truck to a semi-tractor trailer.
Mobile kitchens can be completely self-contained with on-board water tanks, waste tanks, propane and a generator. This allows the kitchen to function in any location. Depending on length of time in one location, various fuels and water may need to be delivered to the site for re-filling and the waste water tank may need to be emptied.

Mobile kitchens can also be built with connections for shore power, fresh water, waste water and electricity if placed in a location where the utilities are readily available, thus eliminating the need for site delivery of fuel and water.
The KTG fleet has a variety of Mobile Kitchens available: 18’ Step Vans, 20’ City Trucks, 28’-40’ Fifth Wheel Trailers, 20’-34’ Box Trailers, and 53’ Semi Trailers.
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