Expanded Capacity
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When institutions are renovating or expanding their kitchen and/or dining facility, Kitchens To Go can provide either a temporary commercial kitchen or a permanent facility expansion. KTG’s industry-leading team of experts understands the importance of accessibility, layout and operational flow to provide the right solution for your unique project.


operational considerations

expanded capacity

Kitchens To Go’s team of experts plan ahead to understand the intricacy of all plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and gas requirements. Kitchens To Go will provide stamped and engineered drawings for use in obtaining proper permitting and health department approvals.


Daily operations must continue without disruption to keep people fed. Kitchens To Go specializes in the design of interim commercial kitchens, serveries, and dining spaces to ensure people are well fed in safe, comfortable, environments with minimal disruption to expected service.

Kitchens To Go’s architectural and engineering team works with key people within your organization to understand the scope of the project and determine the ideal, customized solution for your facility. Kitchens To Go’s team will work with your team to carefully plan for logistics, permitting, health department approvals, street closures, storage, utilities, trash, wastewater, and more to carefully transition your team to the interim project on time.

elements to consider

dependability when you need it

Whether a short-term or long-term expansion project, Kitchens To Go can provide a solution for the duration or longevity of your project. Expansion projects can range from 1 to 49 months depending on size and scope, and an interim project is designed to support you for that duration.

When renovations affect kitchen or foodservice operations, a temporary modular kitchen is often the least disruptive and most cost-effective solution. With renovations typically averaging anywhere from 6 to 36 months, depending on size and scope, the temporary commercial kitchen is a standalone facility that operates the duration of the project. Our solutions are not only highly configurable and functional, but they are also efficient and operational quickly.


customized for every occasion

Temporary (interim) kitchens are often an ideal alternative to phased construction, outside catering, or a kitchen shutdown. As a cost effective and efficient solution, interim kitchens appeal to foodservice professionals who need to maintain business continuity and want to do so with no layoffs, no long-term outside catering, and no lapse in service.

Kitchens to Go designs and installs solutions for small and high-volume food service applications. From feeding dozens to thousands per day, Kitchens To Go will design a solution specific to your needs.

For an impending expansion or renovation project, Kitchens To Go will work with your team to understand your specific needs and determine how a mobile, modular, or containerized solution, whether temporary or permanent, will serve you best.

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