Kitchens To Go services a wide variety of customers from business and industry to education, healthcare, and QSR. Institutions that serve people daily require foodservice facilities that keep them cooking. Kitchens To Go serves these institutions with both interim (temporary) and permanent solutions that help maintain business continuity during renovations, expansion, disaster recovery, and new construction.

Business & Industry (B&I)

From corporate foodservice to workplace hospitality, Kitchens To Go deploys scalable modular, wheeled and containerized facilities that serve employees worldwide.


Kitchens To Go has secure interim solutions that keep populations of inmates and officers fed on site.


From K-12 to C&U, Kitchens To Go provides mobile and modular kitchens, dining, and servery solutions that fit seamlessly into campus environments to support the needs of students, faculty, staff, and visitors.


Agencies with kitchens requiring renovation or expansion trust Kitchens To Go to provide interim commercial kitchens that support on-going foodservice operations.


Focused on feeding patients, staff, and visitors, hospitals and medical centers trust KTG to help maintain business continuity and remain open during planned and unplanned situations.


From upscale hotels to country clubs, KTG helps you maintain business continuity with turnkey operations when the highest level of uninterrupted service is essential.


From towable field kitchens to full-service mess halls, Kitchens To Go provides modular facilities to ensure troops are well nourished and fit for combat and other demands.

Natural Resources

Kitchens To Go understands the challenges of working in physically taxing environments of oil, gas, and precious metals. For laborers requiring around the clock nourishment to maintain their physical and mental edge, Kitchens To Go provides solutions that meet requirements in extreme environments.

Quick Service Restaurant (QSR)

From quick-service to fast-casual dining, Kitchens To Go specializes in foodservice facilities that help you achieve speed to market. Whether expanding operations or launching a new restaurant concept, building through Permanent Modular Construction (PMC) or testing a concept using a mobile unit saves time and money. With fewer headaches and less compromise in the construction phase, you’ll be operational in less time and generating revenue ahead of schedule.

Senior Living

Kitchens To Go provides foodservice solutions for all types of Elder Care Communities to ensure both residents and staff are well fed. Understanding the need for menu customization, Kitchens To Go designs and engineers solutions that support improved clinical outcomes and enable you and your staff to create memorable experiences.