Operations Flow With Kitchens to go®

Kitchens To Go® provides comprehensive mobile, modular, and containerized commercial kitchens for planned renovation or expansion, new construction, special events, or immediate needs such as disaster response and recovery.
Mobile units serve everything from one-time special events to daily on-going operations. Our fleet contains units of varying size, utility options, and equipment. Modular buildings can serve short to long-term needs including permanent options with KTG’s Bolt-On product. Containerized kitchens are high cube units with high volume production capacity. The KTG PAC® Kitchen can be placed and operational quickly.
In addition to cooking capacity, ancillary solutions for cold and frozen storage, ware washing, dining space, restroom, and office facilities can be provided. These flexible facilities are code compliant, scalable, and readily convertible to meet changing needs.
KTG’s innovative Solutions To Go mirror existing production facilities with state-of-the-art equipment, functionality and design to ensure business continuity and are a superior alternative when evaluated against phased construction.
Create safe workplaces and kitchen spaces with KTG. From planned renovations to unplanned situations, interim foodservice facilities from Kitchens To Go® Keep You Cooking. Lease or purchase options available.

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