Empowering Disaster Response with Mobile Kitchen Solutions

Disaster relief respondents regularly head into torrential downpours and winds blowing at the speed of a NASCAR race. These brave individuals are the front lines of countless non-profit, for profit and governmental agencies.

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Kitchens To Go frequently follows these fearless souls, but usually well after the disaster has occurred. We provide mobile kitchens and mobile shower trailers to the brave disaster relief workers. These temporary kitchens and shower trailers can operate in the field for an extended period of time, which better aids workers in areas hit hard by hurricanes and tornadoes.
Our mobile kitchens for disaster relief are used by the American Red Cross, emergency canteens by the Salvation Army and shower trailers by Ok’s Cascade in Washington State. Kitchens To Go wants to reach out to more disaster relief workers at the 2012 National Hurricane Conference in Orlando, Fla., March 26 – 29. Their temporary kitchens for disaster relief provide hurricane susceptible parts of the country with needed food staples for both the victims and respondents.

Be prepared for when disaster strikes by coming to the Hilton Orlando to receive education and professional training, as well as view the tools necessary for response and recovery. Kitchens To Go wants to make sure the Golf Coast and East Coast have the best in mobile kitchens when disaster strikes. Their temporary kitchens can feed thousands, continuing to save each person’s life after their initial rescue from the debris. Join Kitchens To Go at booth 620 to view the latest in mobile kitchens for disaster relief.

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