Mobile Kitchens

Kitchens To Go Mobile Kitchens offer universities, restaurants, franchises, and foodservice providers a wide array of capacities, features, and equipment. Kitchens To Go owns a fleet of mobile kitchens available for lease on short-term or temporary projects. Additionally, Kitchens To Go can build customized mobile kitchens for purchase. Whether mobile kitchens for sale or rental, Mobile Kitchens can be self-contained with on-board power generator, gas, and water supply, or able to connect to shore power and utilities.

Commercial Mobile Kitchen


Mobile Kitchen Solutions for Rent Quick Facts

  • Mobile kitchen rental solutions for short-term projects averaging 1 to 6 months
  • Ideal for quick response and Disaster Response
  • Array of capacities, features, and kitchen equipment
  • May be self-contained with on-board power generators, gas, and water
  • Mobile Kitchen sizes range from 18’-53’
  • Towable mobile kitchen trailers, drivable step vans and city trucks available

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Custom Mobile Kitchen Solutions for Purchase


Customized mobile food truck for Taco Bell

In addition to the mobile kitchen fleet, Kitchens To Go has manufactured custom mobile commercial kitchens for over 30 years. Custom mobile kitchen units are designed to meet each project’s commercial cooking equipment requirements. Customized graphics can provide a unique appearance and brand recognition. Whether you must feed thousands per day in the Middle East or hundreds per day on a bustling college campus, custom mobile kitchens perform so you can. Quality workmanship and code-compliant materials guarantee Kitchens To Go mobile kitchens will handle the toughest applications and environments – for years to come.

Uses for Mobile Kitchens

Mobile Kitchens are ideal for both planned and unplanned situations. Whether a renovation project, expanded capacity need, or a natural disaster, temporary Mobile Kitchens keep you cooking and can help keep you in business.


When commercial and non-commercial kitchens require renovation, mobile kitchens can serve as a temporary solution that adds to an institution’s foodservice offerings. Kitchen Renovations

Expanded Capacity

When commercial and non-commercial kitchens require expanded capacity, mobile kitchens ensure business continuity with a kitchen that is mobile and readily accessible. Expanding Kitchen Capacity

Disaster Response & Recovery

When commercial and non-commercial kitchen operations are threatened by natural disasters, loss of power, and inoperable conditions, Kitchens To Go can provide stock mobile units to help you continue feeding your population. Disaster Response & Recovery

Special Events

When a commercial kitchen is needed for a special event, Kitchens To Go can provide several options depending on your event’s needs. Special Events


Mobile Kitchen Case Studies

From University of California – Santa Barbara to the University of South Carolina, Kitchens to Go has designed Mobile Kitchens for an array of needs.


custom mobile kitchen for UC Santa Barbara

  • University of California – Santa Barbara

When UCSB was awarded the NCAA Men’s College Cup Soccer tournament, preparations were needed to host the thousands of fans that would be descending upon the campus. A customized concession trailer was designed to allow five-to-seven staff members fill the orders placed by customers at lowered serving windows. The 46’ x 8.5’ trailer features fryers, a four-burner cook top, a double-stack convection oven, a char broiler, hot holding wells, reach-in refrigeration, overhead air conditioners and three soda dispensing systems.

The trailer also serves other outdoor activities on and around campus that require high-volume food service. In addition, the mobile kitchen is a resource for the community during times of emergency.


mobile kitchen for UC San Diego

  • University of California, San Diego

UCSD is a highly progressive campus relative to the caliber and vast array of Dining Services offerings. With a surge in student body population, the Dining Service team was interested in incorporating a second food truck to their foodservice venues on campus. The 20’ food truck, aptly named “Flavors of the World” features a rotating menu of international cuisine, specifically focusing on unique, micro-regional offerings.

Several elements were incorporated into the design to ensure it would be as efficient, interactive and enjoyable as possible, both for campus customers as well as team members operating the unit. A raised roof along with sky lights, which provide more spacious and illuminated interiors, as well as a distinct chroming and powder coating package enhance the overall aesthetic. A sound system with exterior speakers and PA system minimize the risk of customers picking up incorrect orders while also enabling the unit operator to project music complementary to the food being served.


Frequently Asked Questions about Mobile Kitchens:

  • Is a mobile kitchen the same as a food truck?
    • A food truck is built on a drivable chassis. A mobile kitchen can be either drivable or a trailer that is towed. Depending on the size and weight, mobile kitchen trailers can be towed with vehicles ranging from a 1-ton pickup truck to a semi-tractor trailer.
  • How are utilities handled with mobile kitchens?
    • Mobile kitchens can be completely self-contained with on-board water tanks, waste tanks, propane and a generator. This allows the kitchen to function in any location. Depending on length of time in one location, various fuels and water may need to be delivered to the site for re-filling and the waste water tank may need to be emptied.
    • Mobile kitchens can also be built with connections for shore power, fresh water, waste water and electricity if placed in a location where the utilities are readily available, thus eliminating the need for site delivery of fuel and water.
  • What sizes are available for Mobile Kitchens?
    • The KTG fleet has a variety of Mobile Kitchens available. 18’ Step Vans, 20’ City Trucks, 28’-40’ Fifth Wheel Trailers and 20’-34’ Box Trailers and 53’ Semi Trailers


Other Types of Kitchens:


modular kitchen

Modular Kitchens


plug and cook kitchen

PAC Kitchens


bolt-on kitchens

Bolt-On Kitchens

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