Modular Kitchens & Dining

Configuring Interim Kitchens & Dining Facilities

Whether interim or permanent, modular kitchens & interim dining facilities provide maximum flexibility with portable, relocatable features. Highly configurable, modular units are a cost-effective solution to maximize space for cooking, preparation, service, and dry storage.

Modular kitchens can serve short to long-term needs including permanent options with Bolt-On® Kitchens.

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Uses for modular kitchens

Modular kitchens are ideal for both planned and unplanned situations. Configuring modular kitchens to clients’ needs makes this solution ideal for disaster response and recovery, renovation, and even new construction.


When commercial and non-commercial kitchens require a renovation, modular kitchens from Kitchens To Go can ensure no lapse of service, no layoffs, and no costly outside catering.  Kitchen Renovations

Expanded Capacity

When commercial and non-commercial kitchens require expanded capacity,  Kitchens To Go can ensure business continuity with a kitchen that is secure and readily accessible. Expanding Kitchen Capacity

Disaster Response & Recovery

When commercial and non-commercial kitchen operations are threatened by natural disasters, loss of power, and inoperable conditions, Kitchens To Go can provide modular units to help you continue feeding your population. Disaster Response & Recovery

Special Events

When a commercial kitchen is needed for a special event, Kitchens To Go can provide several options depending on your event’s needs. Special Events


Modular Kitchen Case Studies

At Kitchens To Go we have worked with the best of the best and our work speaks for itself. Here are some examples of some of the great work we’ve done.

Cal State University – Long Beach

When a main residential dining hall was scheduled for renovation, Kitchens To Go equipped the school with a cook module, wash module, cold storage, restroom and an 84′ x 60′ open span modular dining and servery area. Cal State University



Banner Thunderbird Medical Center

When Banner Thunderbird was preparing for a major renovation project, Kitchens To Go equipped the non-profit hospital with an innovative nine modular complex. Banner Thunderbird



Emory University: See A modular kitchen in action!

In 2017, Kitchens To Go constructed an Interim Dining Facility on the campus of Emory University.


Questions about Modular Kitchens:

  • Do Modular Kitchens come with energy sources?
    • Yes, modular units can be equipped for either propane or natural gas, or can be configured all electric.
  • Are Modular Kitchens equipped with HVAC?
    • Yes, modular units are fully insulated and can be equipped for HVAC and tempered MUA.
  • Do Modular Kitchens come with Dishwashers?
    • Yes, modular units can be configured with commercial dishwashers, either flight-type or rack conveyor machines.

Other Types of Kitchens:


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