NYU Langone Medical Center

When disaster struck the NYU Langone Medical Center, Kitchens To Go provided an interim solution to quickly address the foodservice needs of patients during the aftermath of the storm.


NYU Langone Medical Center

The Need

When Hurricane Sandy struck the northeast in October 2012, NYU Langone Medical Center became one of the many victims of the storm.

The Solution

With no open space, due to constraints in its urban location, the best option was to place an interim containerized kitchen on the roof of a parking garage.

project description

With the rising storm surge and failing back-up generator, the hospital made an important decision and successfully evacuated 322 patients. Once immediate danger was over and the patients were cared for elsewhere, the focus shifted to re-opening the damaged hospital and medical center. After contacting Kitchens To Go in early November for an interim foodservice solution, the first unit arrived and was in place 30 days later.

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