Western Mental Health Institute

Western Mental Health Institute partnered with Kitchens To Go for a swift, cost-effective modular kitchen solution, ensuring uninterrupted patient care.


Western Mental Health Institute in Bolivar, TN

The Need

Urgent Kitchen Facility Replacement

The Solution

Innovative Modular Kitchen Transition

project description

Temporary Kitchens Ensure Uninterrupted Care:

Confronted with a serious safety issue in their facility, Western Mental Health Institute (WMHI) in Bolivar, TN, urgently needed a rapid solution to maintain foodservice operations while tackling the building’s safety challenges. Partnering with Kitchens To Go (KTG), WMHI quickly transitioned its team to a fully equipped, 53-foot mobile commercial kitchen in June 2022, ensuring continuous meal service for their 150 patients without interruption.

This provisional setup served as a bridge until September 2023, when a modular commercial kitchen solution from KTG was installed that included comprehensive cook, prep, and dishwashing modules plus storage units and seamlessly integrated into WMHI operations. The modular kitchen will support the facility for the next few years while WHMI manages the design, funding, and commissioning of a new facility.

This strategic collaboration not only addressed the critical infrastructure challenge but also led to significant cost savings and operational efficiencies. By avoiding the need for external meal services, WHMI continued to provide high-quality care and support to its patients. The project exemplified adaptability and innovative problem-solving in healthcare, highlighting how rapid response and effective planning can lead to successful long-term solutions in critical service areas.

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