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Salvation Army’s Mobile Kitchen

Salvation Army’s Mobile Kitchen

Fueling Communities, One Meal at a Time: The Remarkable Journey of The Salvation Army's Mobile Kitchen

The Salvation Army's 29-Year-Old Mobile Kitchen Continues to Serve as a Lifeline to Those in Need

The Salvation Army has been providing aid and support to people in need for over 150 years. In their efforts to help those who are struggling, they have utilized a wide range of tools and resources. One of these resources is a mobile kitchen unit that has been in use for over 29 years.

The mobile kitchen was originally manufactured in 1994 in Fresno, CA by Carlin Manufacturing, a legacy brand of Kitchens To Go by Mobile Modular and has been serving The Salvation Army ever since. The mobile kitchen is a self-contained unit and can be driven to various locations allowing the organization to provide food to people in need no matter where they are.

Over the years, the mobile kitchen has been used in a variety of situations. It has been deployed to areas affected by natural disasters, such as hurricanes, floods, fires, and earthquakes, where it has provided hot meals to people who have been displaced from their homes and businesses. It has also been used to provide meals to the homeless in urban areas, as well as to those who are living in poverty in rural communities.

Despite its age, the mobile kitchen is still in use today. It has been well-maintained and regularly serviced to ensure that it remains in good working order. The Salvation Army continues to rely on the unit to provide food and support to people in need, and they have no plans to retire it anytime soon.

The longevity of the mobile kitchen is a testament to its durability and effectiveness. It is a reminder that sometimes the simplest solutions are the best, and that a well-maintained piece of equipment can continue to provide value and support for many years.

In conclusion, The Salvation Army’s 29-year-old mobile kitchen is a symbol of the organization’s commitment to helping those in need. It has been an invaluable resource in providing food and support to people in a wide range of situations, and its continued use is a testament to its durability and effectiveness.

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Gas Station & Convenience Store

Modular Gas Station and Convenience Store

We're delighted to share our project supplying a modular convenience store for British Petroleum (BP) in support of the recovery efforts in Paradise, California following the 2018 Camp Fires.

BP Modular Gas Station and Convenience Store in Paradise, California

In April of 2020, BP commissioned Kitchens To Go to design and construct a permanent two-module facility to replace their convenience store that had been destroyed during 2018’s Camp Fire which ravaged Northern California’s Butte County and all but wiped out the town of Paradise.


Since the fire affected such a large area so significantly, the rebuilding process in Paradise had become slow in the months following the event, with costs skyrocketing and local construction teams in very low supply. BP reached out to Kitchens To Go to create a factory-built solution that could circumvent the significant costs, long timelines and local challenges that a site-built project would bring with it.


KTG’s facility was designed, built, transported and installed at the Paradise site in April of 2021 – just under a year from its commission – far quicker and at a better price point than comparable stick-built projects in the same area.

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